"​Proudly Made in Tasmania"

standard procedure

We recycle over 80% of waste removed following installation. This is not only good for the environment it also reduces our overheads.

We use and actively promote Eco Friendly non-toxic cleaning products like Eucalyptus Oil - smells great too!


uPVC production uses only a fraction of the energy and water compaired to that required to manufacture aluminium.

100% of our uPVC frame off cuts are recycled by a local company Envorinex who manufacture uPVC cladding systems and fencing to sell Australia wide

only the best

And to maximise efficiency we can also specify industry leading toughened Low-E glass with argon filled 20mm insulating space

GREATER Efficiency

uPVC framed windows & doors consistently rate among the highest performers by the Australian window energy rating scheme (WERS) and significantly outperform aluminium windows.

They are proven performers in reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling and consequently, over their whole life cycle, can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 50%